2020年2月7日 Ramen: Dreams and Beyond


Everyone loves noodles, especially Japanese ramen which has not only become a staple in Japanese culture but has also made its way into mainstream, modern day American cuisine. However, it wasn’t always this way. On February 7, two representatives from three extraordinary ramen chains will be joining us to discuss their experiences as trailblazers breaking into the American market.


2020年2月7日 17:30~19:30
Ramen: Dreams
Well known in both Japan and America, these two ramen innovators will come together to share their unique approaches to ramen. Listen to their journeys of expansion and success in making their dreams come true in the Bay Area and beyond, despite hardships. Their achievements are proof that a good bowl of ramen can accomplish just about anything, so don’t miss out on hearing their incredible stories!
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Hinodeya // Masao Kuribara

CEO of the Sasala Dining Inc.

CEO of the Sasala Dining Inc.

Yoshiyuki Maruyama

Japanese Food Innovator

Ippudo & Orenchi // Japanese Food Innovator


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5:30 6:00 Registration & Networking  
6:00 6:45 Hinodeya, Masao Kuribara + Ippudo/Orenchi, Yoshiyuki Hinodeya, Masao Kuribara + Ippudo/Orenchi, Yoshiyuki
6:45 7:00 Fireside chat & Q&A  
7:00 7:30 Networking & Dinner  
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