2019年10月21日 Scale Up Globally: Growing a Tech Company Beyond Japan


Join the GlobalSouthTech (GST) community on Monday, October 21 for a conversation with tech leaders and their expertise in the Tokyo ecosystem and broader SEA region!
GST's mission is to create a global community of people who think about how technology can solve the most pressing problems in emerging economies including SEA, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Some key take aways for this event will be:
-What are some interesting things happening in Tokyo and other ecosystems in SEA?
-Who are the key ecosystem players to know if you want to enter one of these markets?
-What are the latest vertical trends in each startup scene?
-What are some red flags in terms of doing business and receiving investments?
-What are some secrets about each ecosystem that only locals understand

Our Partners
MOX Accelerator in Taipei and Chinaccelerator in Shanghai who help startups expand throughout Asia are our close partners. Hyperledger is a global giant that advances cross-industry blockchain technologies through an open source collaborative effort. GlobalSouthTech originally got started in New York City; we are now in more than 43 different cities worldwide and we've organized over 100 meetups connecting tech people around the world.



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