2019年6月6日(木)Tokyo Tech Jobs Night – Vol. 1


You're looking for a job or potential opportunities?
Fill our Startup Matcher: https://forms.gle/dXg3W98S6Ag7W7KTA

You're a startup looking to grow your team?
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You are a developer, designer or product manager looking for a job or new opportunities?
Join our first Tokyo Startup Jobs Night, and discover curated jobs at startups where you can make an impact! 🚀

For the very first time, we're connecting a carefully curated selection of startups hiring developers, designers and product managers with the largest pool of international talents in Tokyo.

Discover the life of a startup employee through company pitches focused on a single purpose: convincing you to join them.
Connect with the right companies, and get a chance to showcase the skills you know will matter for them.

This event is a collaboration between Tokyo Tech Startups, Dev Japan and Le Wagon.
Tokyo Tech Startups: https://www.meetup.com/devjapan/
Le Wagon Tokyo:
• What should I bring as a job seeker?
Bring your resume and business cards! Connecting directly through LinkedIn during the event is also a good option, so have your 📱 fully charged.


2019年6月6日(木) 18:00~22:00
Le Wagon/Tokyo Tech Startups

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