Global Impacts of COVID-19: How behaviors have changed and Hawaii business should adapt


Join us for a discussion on how behaviors have changed across the globe and what Hawaii-based business can do to adapt to the “new normal”.
fabbit and HTDC will hold an event jointly. Our panelists will share insights from Japan and Germany and focus on changes in consumer behaviors as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted restaurants, accommodation, travel, and coworking. We’ll explore what this means for businesses here and how businesses can adapt before Hawaii reopens tourism.


Reservation required

Len Higashi

Acting Executive Director at Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

Len Higashi is the acting executive director for the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation. Len has a diverse background including various technical roles in startups and large corporations. Prior to joining HTDC, Len was the VP of Engineering at Nanopoint, a Hawaii based biotech company.

Kaoru Iriyama

fabbit Europe Area Adviser Conductor for Japanese cuisine based in Berlin

Kaoru Iriyama is a fabbit Europe Area Advisor and Conductor for Japanese cuisine based in Berlin.
She is providing marketing research and consulting services in Media and Food industry, hosting a seminar and doing lecture to promote opportunities where people get to experience Japanese food culture in Germany.

Yasunari Tanaka

fabbit CEO

Former employee of Boston Consulting Group and major trading companies.

Published work (translation): “Entering StartUpLand: An Essential Guide to Finding the Right Job” by HBS Senior Lecturer Jeffrey Bussgang.

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