2020年11月25日 fabbit Conference 全国大会2020 / The fabbit Annual Conference 2020


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11月25日(水)にfabbit Conference全国大会をオンラインで開催します。
fabbitでは、スタートアップ企業支援の一環として、毎月fabbit Conferenceを開催しており、その時々のテーマに関連するスタートアップ企業を迎えたパネルディスカッションと、近年上場を成し遂げた上場企業社長の講演を実施しています。

fabbit Conference全国大会では、例年、業界をリードする著名な方をスペシャルゲストとしてお迎えしてご講演いただいています。今年はコロナ禍で大きく変化した2020年を締めくくるイベントとして、この2020年が歴史的にどういう年になるのか、アメリカ大統領選挙を転機に世界がどのように動いていくのか、日本のスタートアップ企業への期待などを、第29代駐日アメリカ合衆国大使を務めたキャロライン・ケネディ氏にオンラインでご登壇いただきます!

The fabbit Annual Conference 2020 will be held online on Tuesday, November 24(EST).
The fabbit Conference is held every month as part of fabbit's efforts to support startups. We hold panel discussions with startups related to the theme of the month, as well as lectures by the CEOS of listed companies that have gone public in recent years.

This year's conference is to summarize the year 2020, a year that has been greatly changed by the Covid-19. Also, Caroline Kennedy, who served as 29th U.S. Ambassador to Japan from the United States is invited to share insights on how the world is making headway and what to expect in the coming years.

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Date and Time
 Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 20:00-21:00 (PST) 23:00-24:00 (EST)
参加費 / Fees
 無料 (事前申込制) / Free of charge (registration required)
配信 / Format
 オンライン配信 / Online streaming and advance booking required
その他 / Note
 日英同時通訳付き / simultaneous interpreting

キャロライン・ケネディ 氏


Caroline Kennedy
29th United States Ambassador to Japan

Caroline Kennedy served as United States Ambassador to Japan from November 2013 to January 2017. Her tenure was marked by the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the historic visits of President Obama to Hiroshima and Prime Minister Abe to Pearl Harbor. As Ambassador, Kennedy supported economic empowerment of women and worked to increase student exchange between the U.S. and Japan. She helped carry out the U.S. military's return of land on Okinawa to the Japanese government, the largest land transfer since 1972. She is an attorney and the author/editor of eleven books on subjects such as law, civics, and poetry. She is Honorary President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and serves on the board of the U.S.-Japan Foundation.

モデレーター 那珂 通雅 氏

fabbit株式会社アドバイザリー・ボード・メンバー、元シティグループ証券副社長、慶応義塾大学大学院、一橋大学大学院 非常勤講師、東京ニュービジネス協議会(NBC)理事

株式会社ベクトル、株式会社ビジョン、株式会社アイスタイル 、株式会社ジーニーなどの成長著しい上場会社の、社外取締役も務めながら、慶應義塾大学大学院システムデザイン・マネジメント研究科および一橋大学大学院の非常勤講師も務める。著書に『世界で勝つグローバル人材の条件』(幻冬舎)がある。
Moderator Michimasa Naka
fabbit Advisory Board member Former Co-CEO OF Citigroup Global Markets Japan Part-time lecturer at Keio University Graduate School and Hitotsubashi University Graduate School Director at The Tokyo New Business Conference

Graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering and
received a Master of Engineering
Joined Salomon Brothers Asia Limited
Promoted to Co-CEO OF Citigroup Global Markets Japan
Established StormHarbour Japan and served as CEO and Chairman
Established Boardwalk Capital Inc, focusing on angel investment, advisory, and
Executive director of several high-growth companies, including Vector Inc., Vision Inc.,
istyle Inc., and Geniee, Inc
Author of "The Global Professional"(Gentosha).

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