fabbit Presents “Young 3 Professional Entrepreneurship Support Seminar” Next is 3 Monday 16 Friday.

A seminar for young entrepreneurs organized by fabbit, a coworking space that actively supports start-up companies and start-up companies, will be held on Thursday, 3 on 2 Monday. did.
This time, we learned about “Corporate Law” by Yoshinari Takahashi from the Yoshinari Takahashi Judicial Scrivener Office.
What is the company law? It was a valuable time for me to teach from the basics to the concrete explanation of what I have to do when I set up my company. For start-ups, fabbit will continue to provide “learning” time, such as law and accounting, that will not take much time.

The next fabbit Presents “Startup Support Seminar by Young 3 Professionals” is ...
Date: 3 month 16 Friday (Friday) 18: 30 to 21: 00
Location: fabbit Otemachi
Contents: Let's know only this-Labor Law for Companies-
Lecturer: Mr. Satoshi Ujiie, Lawyer, Yokohama Yokosuka Law Office

This time, we will also hold a panel discussion of the three people who were indebted to the young three-person seminar.
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