Tanaka, the representative director of fabbit, will appear at the Science & Innovation Forum in Fukuoka

Mr. Yasunari Tanaka, representative director of fabbit Co., Ltd., which supports startup companies and manages coworking spaces, participated in a panel discussion at the “Science & Innovation Forum in Fukuoka” organized by the Cabinet Office in cooperation with Fukuoka City.

In the panel discussions, including efforts to discover future “unicorns” at Fukuoka Growth Next, “startup ecosystem” conferences at fabbit, future startup support felt by Tanaka through exchange meetings, and global expansion He talked about what he needed about startup companies.

Fukuoka City is actively working on regional economic development, including the creation of startups. The “Science & Innovation Forum in Fukuoka” was held in cooperation with Fukuoka City, and the efforts here in Fukuoka were disseminated nationwide as advanced examples from the region.

In the future, fabbit will continue to actively support start-up companies aiming to expand globally not only in Tokyo but also in the region.

[Science & Innovation Forum in Fukuoka]
Organizers: Cabinet Office, Fukuoka City, RIKEN, Kyushu University,
Kyushu Institute of Advanced Science and Technology [ISIT]
Co-sponsored: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Kyushu University Academic Research City Promotion Organization (OPACK),
Fukuoka City Industry-Academia Collaboration Exchange Center [Designated Manager Nishitetsu Building Management Co., Ltd.]

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