10 Mon 23 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Work Style Reform-Program Decision

10 of the monthConferenceIn addition to the annual seminar of listed company presidents, the management team of companies that provide services to support companies that have succeeded in introducing work style reforms and companies that are engaged in work style reforms, with the key word “work style reform” Panel discussion and question-and-answer session.

20187Month6On the day, the “Law Concerning the Development of Related Laws to Promote Work Style Reform” was enacted, and the company's response was “no waiting”.

Labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population has been taken up as an urgent issue in Japan. The recruitment ratio of new graduates and the difficulty of hiring in mid-career recruitment markets have become apparent, and securing labor force is a major issue for each company. In addition to securing a workforce, the flow of individual work style reforms is accelerating not only for the creation of new industries.

Please join us as it is a practical one that introduces the success stories of this conference work style reform and discusses the reasons, problems, and future initiatives.

The first part is businessSNS"WantedlyPanel discussion will be held by Wundedley Co., Ltd., Fukuoka Area Manager Shuhei Sugawara, who is in charge of planning, development, and management, and Mr. Akihiro Miyazawa, Managing Director of Petit Job Co., Ltd.

A database of work styles that make work easier for women & Corporate word of mouth platformClarityCo., Ltd., which develops and operates (Clarity)ClarityGeneral corporate judicial person with support from Mr. Atsumi Furuya, the representative director, to help people with disabilities continue workingBridgePanel discussion will be held by Representative Director Junko Kunijo.

The second part is an Internet mail order site as an annual seminar for presidents of listed companies.BUYMAMr. Masahiro Suda, CEO, Enigmo Co., Ltd., who will be managing, will give a lecture on the history of listing and the philosophy of company management.

In this seminar, you can enter questions to the speakers from your smartphone using codes distributed at venues nationwide. The discussions will be even more heated by the questions of the participants.

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Centered around our coworking spaces, at fabbit we support startups and SMEs as they create new business models, and promote business matching and technological innovation through our unique support programs.

This conference is held as one of our whole above mentioned activity, includes a seminar by a listed company, VC, accelerator etc. ,pitch by startups, and business matcing /networking.VC・ It is a well-received event every time as an opportunity to talk directly with managers and innovators including listed company presidents in seminars by accelerators, pitches by startups, monthly planning for business matching and networking.

At the networking party after the seminar, the number of participants increased with each round, and we were happy to hear that it led to an actual business.

Nationwidefabbit(Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima Station,COMPASSKokura) and Fukuoka (Fukuoka growth Next)LIVEYou can choose one of the venues because you will be connected via broadcast. Please join us.

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