Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN -AI- on Tuesday, 6.

6Month12Tokyo in the day was a hot day that reminds me of summer during the rainy season.

fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN ―AI―It is,fabbitFukuoka Growth NextIn addition to start-up managers, in-house entrepreneurs and large companiesM & APerson in charge,AIMany people attended, such as those who wanted to grasp the trends.fabbitOtemachi / Aoyama / Hachioji / Sakae / Hiroshima Station /Fukuoka Growth NextAll of6At the venue255Name and many people visited.

The first part is an annual listed company seminar. Mr. Nakajima, the founder of Double Standard Co., Ltd., told us about the episode when he was listed from the start of business.

In the second part, scenes used in daily life are being taken up in daily news.AITwo panel discussions were held on the theme of "

Started from last timeQRThanks to the use of the question entry form using codes, we received many questions from each venue, and the questions and answers were very active.

After the lecture, the networking party was attended by speakers, and the theme of the conference wasAII talked a lot about the present and the future. Also, some people were talking about specific business after exchanging business cards, and the venue was closed with enthusiasm.

Next time, we will send you a fabbit conference on the theme of healthcare on Tuesday, 7 month.

fabbit creates a new business model through the support of startups and companies' second establishment centering on the management of co-working spaces, and has many unique support systems to promote business matching and technological innovation. We are developing.

As part of this, this conference is a monthly plan for seminars by listed companies, VCs and accelerators, pitches by startups, business matching and networking, including questions and answers. It has also gained popularity as an opportunity for direct dialogue.
We will continue to organize events that will make you feel happy to participate.

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