Announcement of the publication of the book by Mr. Kiichi Hongo, representative of fabbit Otemachi resident company Indy Pa Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kiichi Hongo, representative of Indy Pa Inc. ( resident in fabbit Otemachi, wrote "Introduction to Easy Language Programming" on 6 month 19 and released from Standards Inc. Will be.
This is an introductory book that will allow you to program by yourself, explaining from scratch the programming language "EasyLanguage" dedicated to trading financial products.
For those who are interested in stock investment, who sometimes trade, but who do not have time to choose stocks or trade during the day, to create ideal stock investment tools that automatically perform stock selection and trade You can learn programming.

About the author
Yoshiyuki Hongo
Representative of Indy Pa Co., Ltd. that provides tools for individuals to become financially independent. Trader and programmer. Trading application development, AI and machine learning field contract development, seminars, writing activities.

* Comments from Mr. Hongo

Moved to fabbit Otemachi for 8 months.
I was able to spend a lot of time for writing this time in a comfortable and comfortable environment.
The book is filled with the content of the seminar, so I hope you can read it.

Book overview

specification:(257 × 182 × 25mmThe whole304page,B5Edition)

Publisher: Standards Inc.

Release date:2018Years6Month19Day

価 格:¥ 2,700(incl. VAT)

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