5 Mon 16 (Wednesday) Thank you for visiting fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN ―IoT―.

5Month16Sun (Wednesday) Tokyo was a hot day that reminded me of summer.

fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN ―IoT―It is,fabbitFukuoka Growth NextThis was the theme for not only start-up managers, but also in-house entrepreneurs and major companies who wanted to partner with start-up companies. and production Many people participated, such as those who were involved in the company.LIVEOtemachi (Tokyo), Aoyama, (Tokyo), Hachioji (Tokyo), Sakae (Aichi), Hiroshima Station (Hiroshima), Kitakyushu (Fukuoka),Fukuoka Growth Next(Fukuoka) and all7Connect the venues255More people than the last time visited.

In the first part, as an annual seminar for the president of listed companies, Mr. Ukijo, President of Vega Corporation, talked about an episode of starting a company and listing. In the second part, it has become a hot word of the times and is also expanding as a business and production Based on the theme of “Business Improvement × and production ”,“ Daily life × and production A panel discussion on "

The question and answer session was very active by using the question input form that can be input from any venue at any time.

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Otemachi venue full of seatsHiroshima venue

Otemachi venue full of space Hiroshima venue

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