2/20 (Wed) fabbit Conference-Trends in Asian Countries-

2 of the monthConferenceIn addition to the annual seminar of listed company presidents, will also have a panel discussion and question-and-answer session on trends in Asian countries.

We will discuss trends in Asian countries centering on China, which continues to grow, with examples of start-up companies that have advanced into Asia from Japan or other countries.

・ News product trends of startup companies

・ What issues are there in business development in Asian countries?

・ How about political and economic stability?

・ How is labor cost and quality of workers?

・ Examples of failures and successes in Asian advancements

The managers who are actually doing business in other Asian countries will provide information essential for expanding overseas through discussions and lectures.

We would be pleased if companies that are considering global expansion and companies that are already expanding can help solve the problems in conducting business.

In this seminar, you can enter questions to the speakers from your smartphone using codes distributed at venues nationwide. The discussions will be even more heated by the questions of the participants.

Follow the link below for event details:

fabbit Conference -Trends in Asian Countries-

Centered around our coworking spaces, at fabbit we support startups and SMEs as they create new business models, and promote business matching and technological innovation through our unique support programs.

This conference is held as one of our whole above mentioned activity, includes a seminar by a listed company, VC, accelerator etc. ,pitch by startups, and business matcing /networking.VConce a month

It is a popular event that is filled every time as an opportunity to have direct dialogue with managers and innovators including presidents of listed companies.

A networking party will be held after the seminar.

At the networking party after the seminar, the number of participants increased with each round, and we were happy to hear that it led to an actual business.

Nationwidefabbit(Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima, Across Fukuoka) andCOMPASSKokura and the overseas base PhilippinesLIVEYou will be able to participate in a venue near you as you will be connected via broadcast.

We look forward to seeing you at fabbit.

(Last year due to favorable reception11Monthly conference Otemachi venue and networking party)

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