Supporting fabbit nationwide start-up excavation and development-NICT supports the planning and implementation of the entrepreneur Koshien and Entrepreneur Expo district conferences organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Fabbit Co., Ltd. (Cyoda-ku, Tokyo: 100% subsidiary of APAMAN Co., Ltd.), a startup company support and coworking space management, became a sponsor of NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)). We would like to inform you that we will support the planning and operation of the “Entrepreneur Koshien” and “Entrepreneur Expo” district conference held by NICT and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

NICT supports the creation of an ICT startup creation ecosystem in various parts of the country in order to revitalize Japan's economy and society by creating ICT startups from the region, and ICT startups that grow greatly from the region to the world We aim to create

Among them, the NICT Accelerator Program, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, has been held as a business contest for students and young people for the entrepreneur Koshien to discover and cultivate eggs from entrepreneurs nationwide. The Exposition Entrepreneur Expo is a historic program that has been held 2011 times in the past, including the information communication venture business plan presentation (from 7 to 2002) held by NICT.

Participants in the past have had the opportunity to procure funds and collaborate with large companies.

In addition to planning and conducting regional events in coworking spaces open to 18 locations nationwide, fabbit provides support through the fabbit ecosystem.

For entrepreneurs who look especially at the world, we are confident that the support provided by fabbit's advisory board can contribute to the growth of startups.

In addition, with this support, we will increase the number of facilities and enhance the ecosystem so that we can become the core of the entrepreneurial community not only in Tokyo but around the country.

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