5 Mon 10 (Thursday) Women Only Lawyers teach, know and gain legal knowledge of labor and employment

This Legal Information Co., Ltd. will jointly hold a seminar entitled “Legal Knowledge of Labor and Employment that Women-Only Lawyers Teach and Know,” unique to women-friendly coworking space fabbit Aoyama.
Employment of employees is very important for starting up business.
Now that the ratio of effective job offers has risen and it has become difficult to hire, it is important to limit the basis of labor laws in order to avoid problems related to recruitment and employment.
In this seminar, we will proceed with a session with the teachers like a seminar activity at a university.
In the first part, we will give lectures on legal knowledge related to labor and employment that you should know during startup.
In the second part, we will have a question-and-answer session in the form of a round-table discussion on questions that we could not ask during the seminar and the problems we feel on a daily basis.
If you are thinking of starting a business or wanting to work for a startup company, please come and join us.

Checkpoint for this seminar
① Labor law basics that entrepreneurs should know
② Details of the employment contract you want to keep
③ How to set work rules, overtime and wage rules
④ Things to be aware of when leaving your current company

fabbitThe event held in Aoyama

Program details

19: 00-19: 30 “Labor Law Basics You Need to Know at the Time of Entrepreneurship / Startup”
Attorney Atsuko Miwa (Tokyo Familia Law Office)
19: 30 to 20: 00 “Points for Employing Employees, such as Rules for Working Rules, Overtime and Wage Rules” Attorney Naoko Shiomi
20: 00 to 20: 30 Questions accepted and round-table discussion



fabbitAoyama (107-0052Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo8-4-14Aoyama Tower Place8F)


2018Years5Month10Sun (Thursday)19:00~20:30

Entry fee



women only

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