Kitakyushu Telework Center reopened as nickname "COMPASS Kokura"

7 companies including Fabbit Corporationfabbit “Joint Entities” was selected as a designated manager of “Kitakyushu Telework Center”, a founding support facility in Kokura-ku, Kitakyushu City. The Kitakyushu Telework Center is nicknamed "COMPASSAs Ogura, finally,6Month13We will inform you that it will be reopened on Sunday.

 COMPASSIncludes a compass that shows the future and direction of entrepreneurs (compass) And friends (company) Or community (community) But passion (passion) To challenge and overcome difficulties (pass) Is included.

Kitakyushu City is aiming to be “the most friendly city for entrepreneurs in Japan”, taking the entire town as an incubation area and supporting its founding with town gurumi. As a symbol, Kitakyushu Telework Center has been renewed.COMPASSEstablished a coworking space under the name of “Ogura.” Established support programs such as this coworking space and the establishment of a council by major local companiesfabbitCommunityfabbitBased on the experience gained through operation,COMPASSWe will support various activities such as lectures, pitches, and incubations to create a startup company that flutters around the world from Kokura.

Also, to celebrate the reopening,COMPASS"Opening Ceremony" (hereinafter referred to as this ceremony). We welcome the participation of those who are thinking about starting a business, students who are interested in startups, and companies that want to collaborate with startup companies.

<COMPASS Kokura Opening Ceremony Overview>


COMPASS Kokura Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture3-8-1 Kitakyushu Telework Center


20186Month13Sunday (Wednesday)15:00~18:00

Entry fee



fabbit consortium

プ ロ グ ラ ム

15: From 00 15:05

Opening remarks

Yasunari Tanaka, President and Representative Director of fabbit Corporation

15: From 05 15:35

Listed company president seminar

Inbound Tech Co., Ltd.

15: From 35 15:55

Special lecture

Crown Jewel Co., Ltd. Misato Nonaka (formerAKB48

15: From 55 16:35

panel discussion

Mr. Keisuke Shibata, President

Mr. Akiko Nishiura, President

16: From 35 17:05

Listed company CEO seminar

DocuSign Japan Inc. Channel Sales Director

Mr. Kanichi Sampei

17: From 05 17:17



LogiCommon Corporation / Techno Send

17: From 17 17:20

Closing remarks

Yasunari Tanaka President and Representative Director fabbit Co., Ltd.

17: From 20 18:00

Opening party (* Mayor of Kitakyushu may participate)

* There will also be an advertising booth for startup companies on the day.

OwnPRIf you want to take a photo, please bring a product or pufflet.

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