[Notice] Notice to members regarding the issuance of the "Emergency Declaration" Vol.4

On May 5, the government decided to cancel the "Emergency Declaration" for 25 prefectures issued by May 47 by deadline in all regions.

In response to this, fabbit responded step by step in accordance with the cancellation of the emergency declaration, but from May 5th, it will be returned to normal business hours.

On the other hand, the risk of the spread of coronavirus infections still exists. fabbit will continue to implement measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases for the safety and security of all users of the facility, so please check the following and cooperate with us.

  • About future facility management

    Reception staff resident, telephone reception, mail reception service: 9:00 to 18:00 (*)

    Meeting room: No change for use by resident members

    For other people, use from 9:00 to 18:00 (*)

    One-day pass: Reuse

    Tea supply machine: Resumption of use

    * Details may differ at each site, so please check separately.

  • Members’ comfort and safety

    For the safety and security of all members, we will continue the following measures at all sites.

    • Mandatory wearing of user's mask

    • Temperature measurement when entering the facility (People with a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher are not allowed)

    • Alcohol disinfection installed at the entrance

    • Alcohol cleaning where unspecified number of people touch

    • Request for thorough hand washing and gargling

    • Installation of humidified air purifier to maintain the humidity recommended by the government

    • Securing social distance in coworking spaces and meeting rooms

    • Temporary opening of entrance doors and windows for ventilation

  • Events and networking

    Various events will continue to be held online, but offline events will be resumed.

    In addition, we will resume renting out the event space from June, but in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we ask that you agree in advance to the items to comply with before using the event space.

  • fabbit Member's Web

    The fabbit Member's Web will be released soon. The main functions are "member profile", "member communication", "meeting room reservation", "one-day pass reservation", "various payments", "matching board", etc.

  • Information on SME support offered by governments and financial institutions

    Various SME support measures have been announced or implemented by the government, local governments, and financial institutions. This information is collected and posted on the fabbit website.

    In addition, we will inform you about study sessions as needed.

  • Support for members infected with COVID

    In the case that a member becomes infected with COVID, we will provide support by disinfecting the space, notifying other members, assisting individuals who have come in contact, and working with health care centers and hospitals.

  • COVID emergency response team

    Fabb's new Coronavirus emergency response headquarters system is as follows.

    Chief: Hori

    Lead members: Tanaka, Komuro, Otaki, Kameyama, Tonami, and others

In conclusion:

We expect that many of our members are worried about the effect of COVID on their business activities. We also recognize that requests and concerns vary among members. We sincerely hope that all of our members are able to overcome this challenging time to enjoy great success on the other side. Please feel free to share any opinion or request with us, as we will gladly respond to the best of our ability.

* These notices are periodically released to compile recent announcements in an easily accessible format. Please read them carefully for important information.

Thank you.

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