[Event] Announcement of "Thinking about After-Corona-The Second Lockdown in the World-Broadcast from fabbit"

In Japan, on May 2020, 5, the declaration of emergency was lifted in 14 prefectures. It has been announced that the remaining eight prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka, will be considered for cancellation without waiting for the end of this month. At the same time, a "new lifestyle" has been advocated, and many people will continue to make positive changes in their lifestyles and working styles in preparation for the "new daily life" of the age of Corona.

Therefore, as a sequel to [Emergency live broadcasting] Broadcast down fabbit from around the world, which was delivered on May 5, last time, "Think about After-Corona-Lockdown Vol.1 from around the world ~ Broadcast from fabbit" is shown below. We decided to hold a remote event.

In foreign countries where regulations are stricter than Japan, what kind of exit strategy is being taken for unlocking lockdown, what kind of life and economy are expected to be beyond that, New York this time We will focus on and deliver the situation from the field.
* Continuing from the last time, we will also broadcast from San Francisco, Philippines, Germany.

Even those who could not participate in the first part will be able to participate with peace of mind because we will talk about the previous summary in the first half.
We pray that knowing the situation in each country can contribute to your business.


"Thinking About After-Corona-The Second Lockdown in the World-Broadcast from fabbit"

Date: Friday, May 2020, 5 22: 18-30: 19

How to apply:

Eligible participants: fabbit members

Contents: Recent updates on lockdowns around the world

About After-Corona Exit Strategies in Each Country

Changes in work style and business

With regard to the above contents, we will deliver the situation of rice and ratio live

Cost: Free

Note: In this seminar, we will give you a personal opinion based on the content of our staff members' local experience.

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We plan to support many members in the future, so please check the news from fabbit and the website.

Thank you.

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