[Event] Announcement of "[Emergency Broadcast] Lockdown Broadcasts from fabbits around the world"

In Japan, the government and local governments have issued an emergency declaration, and are demanding to refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently. On the other hand, looking overseas, some countries are ahead of Japan in requiring lock-down (restriction on going out) that requires them to wait at home, and are under stricter regulations than Japan.

In the United States, Germany and the Philippines where fabbit employees are stationed, "[Emergency live broadcasting] Lockdown Broadcasts from all over the world Broadcast from fabbit" will be held remotely as follows to inform the members of the status of lockdown by live broadcasting. I will do it.

We sincerely hope that knowing the situation in each country can contribute to the management of all members.


<[Emergency live broadcast] Lockdowns from all over the world Broadcast from fabbit>

Date: 5/1 (Fri) 17:00~17:45

Registration: Please apply from the URL below. The ZOOM URL will be sent by email.


Eligible participants: fabbit members

Contents: How Lockdown Affects People's Thinking

What happens to society after unlocking

With regard to the above contents, we will deliver the situation in the US, Germany, and the ratio by live broadcast.

Cost: Free

* Other information sessions and consultations for members

We plan to support many members in the future, so please check the news from fabbit and the website.

Thank you.

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