Notice to fabbit members regarding the state of emergency declaration (Vol. 2)

On 4/16, the Japanese government expanded the state of emergency to include the entire country. Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Aichi, Gifu, and Kyoto were added to the original seven state of emergency areas of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka for a total of 13 prefectures requiring special vigilance.

In response to this development, we have updated our original notice to fabbit members regarding the state of emergency declaration.

We appreciate your cooperation with the following measures.

  • State of emergency declaration and related measures by local governments

    As part of the emergency declaration, the Japanese government has requested that human contact be reduced by 8 tenths and that the number of people commuting to work be reduced by at least XNUMX tenths.

    On the other hand, many industries have been designated essential to society, and therefore are encouraged to continue business activities while implementing appropriate safety precautions.

    Given this situation, fabbit will not alter the hours facilities are available to members, but will implement the following changes until 5/6 out of consideration for members’ comfort and safety.

    • Member services

      • Reception staff’s in person and phone hours, as well as postal service hours, are shortened to 9:00~15:00

      • Meeting room hours are not affected

    • General services

      • Events where people gather are suspended

      • One Day Passes are unavailable

      • Meeting room hours are shortened to 9:00~15:00

  • Members’ comfort and safety

    We are implementing the following measures for members’ comfort and safety:

    • All visitors are required to wear face masks.

    • We have installed alcohol-based disinfectant at the entrance of each facility.

    • We are regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces with alcohol disinfectant.

    • We request regular hand-washing and gargling.

    • We are measuring all visitors’ body temperatures at the entrance of facilities. Visitors with a temperature of over 37.5℃ are not permitted to enter.

    • We have installed humidifying air purifiers in each facility to maintain humidity as advocated by the government.

    • We have reduced the number of seats in meeting rooms to maintain social distance. We also request that visitors practice social distancing in coworking spaces.

    • Drink servers are out of operation.

    • We are distributing face masks to members (private office members: 1 box per office / dedicated desk and hot desk members: as necessary).

  • Individual consultations for members

    Since 4/9, we have been holding individual consultations for members every Monday and Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 (30 minutes x 2 meetings). These consultations are opportunities to discuss market expansion, fundraising, sales support, or any other management concerns with fabbit advisory board members and executives. (Meetings are generally held online.)

    Please apply through the URL below.

  • Events and networking

    Events are to be held online for the time being. Upcoming events include our fabbit Conference on 4/22 (approximately 200 registered participants) and an online networking event on 4/28 (about 10 participants). We look forward to your participation.

    We plan to announce many other events moving forward, so please look out for more information.

  • fabbit Member's Web

    On 6/1, we will release a website exclusive to fabbit members. The site will include capabilities to create a member profile, communicate with other members, reserve meeting rooms and One Day Passes, complete payment, interact with a virtual matching board, and more.

  • Information on SME support offered by governments and financial institutions

    Various support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises have been announced or implemented by the national and local governments and financial institutions. We have compiled this information on fabbit’s website.

    We will also announce information sessions as necessary.

  • Support for members infected with COVID

    In the case that a member becomes infected with COVID, we will provide support by disinfecting the space, notifying other members, assisting individuals who have come in contact, and working with health care centers and hospitals.

  • COVID emergency response team

    fabbit’s COVID emergency response team is structured as follows:

    Chief: Hori

    Lead members: Tanaka, Komuro, Otaki, Kameyama, Tonami, and others

In conclusion:

We expect that many of our members are worried about the effect of COVID on their business activities. We also recognize that requests and concerns vary among members. We sincerely hope that all of our members are able to overcome this challenging time to enjoy great success on the other side. Please feel free to share any opinion or request with us, as we will gladly respond to the best of our ability.

* These notices are periodically released to compile recent announcements in an easily accessible format. Please read them carefully for important information.

Thank you.

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