Notice to fabbit members regarding the state of emergency declaration

This evening the Japanese government declared a state of emergency to last until 5/6, for 1 month. The declaration applies to the seven prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka.

In summary, the purpose of the declaration is as follows:

  • To share a sense of urgency with the people and encourage more serious action.

  • To enable implementation of “emergency measures” outlined in Chapter 4 of the Special Measures Law.

We have updated our previous notices to include our response to the state of emergency declaration. We appreciate your cooperation with the following measures.

  • State of emergency declaration and related measures by local governments

    Today the Japanese government declared a state of emergency to raise the sense of urgency and request that people drastically reduce their contact with others. With regard to enterprise, the government has strongly encouraged the use of telework and staggered working hours, but places importance on the continuation of business and thus has not gone so far as to request the closure of workplaces.

    In addition to the national government’s policy, there will be announcements of more specific requests by local governments included in the seven prefectures affected by the state of emergency. At fabbit we plan to respond swiftly with comprehensive consideration to each of these local policies.

  • Members’ comfort and safety

    We are implementing the following measures for members’ comfort and safety:

    • We have installed alcohol-based disinfectant at the entrance of each facility.

    • We have installed humidifying air purifiers in each facility to maintain humidity as advocated by the government.

    • We are regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces with alcohol disinfectant.

    • Beginning 4/13 (Mon.), all visitors to fabbit will be required to wear face masks.

    • Beginning 4/13 (Mon.), we plan to measure the body temperature of all visitors at the entrance to fabbit facilities. Visitors with a temperature of over 37.5℃ will not be permitted to enter.

    • We are reducing the number of seats in meeting rooms to maintain social distance.

    • We are requesting that visitors practice social distancing in coworking spaces.

    • Drink servers are out of operation for the time being.

    • We will distribute face masks to private office, dedicated desk, and hot desk monthly members as they become available.

  • Individual consultations for members

    Beginning 4/9, we will hold individual consultations for members every Monday and Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 (30 minute meetings with 2 companies). These consultations will be opportunities to discuss market expansion, fundraising, sales support, or any other management concerns with fabbit advisory board members and executives.

    Given the current state of COVID, meetings will be held online for the time being.

    Please apply through the URL below.

  • Events and networking

    Our popular monthly conference series will be held online for the time being.

    We are working to make other fabbit-sponsored events, co-sponsored events, and outside events available online in the future.

    We will also hold an online networking opportunity in April, and look forward to your participation.

  • Support for members infected with COVID

    In the case that a member becomes infected with COVID, we will provide support by disinfecting the space, notifying other members, assisting individuals who have come in contact, and working with health care centers and hospitals.

  • Information on SME support offered by governments and financial institutions

    Various support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises have been announced or implemented by the national and local governments and financial institutions. We have compiled this information on fabbit’s website.

    Anyone requiring individual advice should not hesitate to consult fabbit staff.

  • COVID emergency response team

    fabbit’s COVID emergency response team is structured as follows:

    Chief: Hori

    Lead members: Tanaka, Komuro, Otaki, Kameyama, Tonami, and others

In conclusion:

We expect that many of our members are worried about the effect of COVID on their business activities. We also recognize that requests and concerns vary among members. We sincerely hope that all of our members are able to overcome this challenging time to enjoy great success on the other side. Please feel free to share any opinion or request with us, as we will gladly respond to the best of our ability.

Thank you.

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