[Notice] COVID response measures and request for cooperation

COVID infections are rampant worldwide, and the domestic situation is becoming more severe every day. Please review the following policies and requests for cooperation in case infection is detected at a fabbit facility or building or a city-wide lockdown is announced.

[Emergency response]

XNUMX. In case an infection is detected at a fabbit facility (or building in which fabbit is located):

・ The facility will be closed immediately according to the instructions of the health center in charge.

In this case, the facility may become inaccessible for a period of time during disinfection.

・ Visitors may be asked to undergo a test according to instructions from the public health center.

XNUMX. In case of a lockdown resulting from a government-announced state of emergency:

・ Staff will be absent from facilities in applicable areas subject to instructions from the government.
We request that members refrain from using facilities during a lockdown, and in an emergency enter facilities at their own risk.

[Request to members]

Please proceed with the following preparations in anticipation of facility closure or city-wide lockdown.

XNUMX. Belongings may become irretrievable without notice,

so please take home any necessary computers, cell phones, etc.

XNUMX. Please be careful when having urgent mail sent to you, as it may not be possible to receive mail from fabbit facilities.

If you have recently used a fabbit facility and contracted COVID, please notify us via the following webpage as soon as possible.

Site Report Form ( Please contact us.

Thank you.

[fabbit Co., Ltd.]

CEO: Yasunari Tanaka

Headquarters: Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building 6F, 1-3-XNUMX Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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