[Notice] Information on upcoming events

Given the current spread of COVID-2, we have been postponing or cancelling all events since late February. However, select seminars will be held online this April.

Please join us for online events from your office or home. Advance registration is required for streaming, so please check each event page for registration and streaming details.

Please note that events will be held according to the following policies.

  • fabbit-sponsored events to be held online:

    Lecture-style events including fabbit Conference

    * Beginning with the 4/22 fabbit Conference.

  • fabbit-sponsored events to be postponed or cancelled:

    Face-to-face networking parties and meetups

  • Policy on outside and co-hosted events:

    Events may be held at the discretion of the sponsoring company.
    However, we ask that you take maximum measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as wearing masks and thoroughly disinfecting with alcohol.

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