[Member News] Otemachi member company aileron co.,ltd. releases new service for foreigners awaiting employment in Japan

aileron co.,ltd., headquartered at fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi,” offers a range of services to assist foreigners working in Japan.

On 4/1 the company will release an online service to train foreign employees as they await deployment to Japan, in response to visa delays due to the recent spread of COVID-XNUMX and immigration restrictions.

The service allows employees to complete orientation and training programs in their home countries before entering Japan, easing the transition upon arrival. The 10-part program covers topics from business manners and honorifics to cross-cultural understanding.

Although the training is online, it will be conducted in a format that allows students to freely communicate with each other and ask questions to the instructor.

We recommend the service to Japanese corporations hiring international employees!


[Corporate Profile]

aileron co.,ltd.

CEO Yoko Ishikawa

Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building, 2-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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