[Member News] fabbit Kyobashi member company Yuabread, Inc. releases bread subscription service "Pansuku" 2/26

fabbit Kyobashi member company Yuabread, Inc. operates individual and corporate bread delivery, wholesale, and retail services.

On 2020/2/26, they launched a personal subscription service, “Pansuku.”

"Pansuku" is a monthly bread delivery service, featuring an assortment of baked goods from a different bakery each month for ¥3,700/month. Breads are frozen with Yuabread's original technology for a shelf life of over one month, so you can enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread any time.

Please join the program through the link below.


Yuabread also offers a frozen bread delivery service for offices, “Office Pansuku,” released in the Fall 2018. In the 1 and a half years since its release, over 150 companies have introduced the service. Interested parties can contact Yuabread, Inc. through the following URL.

Office Pansuku:


[Service Details]

Service name: Pansuku

Concept: Mobilize delicious bread

Service content: Individidual subscription delivery of frozen bread from bakeries nationwide

Price: ¥3,700/month (including postage, excluding tax)

Contents: 60 box (size XNUMX) of frozen bread and bakery profile

Application process: Register through the website


[About Yuabread Frozen Bread]

By freezing bread in its freshly baked state and delivering it to your home, Yuabread makes it possible to eat delicious bread any time by simply removing it from the freezer and reheating. Yuabread's unique freezing technology allows for a shelf life of one month or longer. A survey by the Japan Food Research Laboratories has demonstrated that Yuabread's frozen bread is of higher quality than fresh bread left at room temperature for 1 day.

[Partner Bakery Recruitment]

Yuabread is recruiting bakery partners for Pansuku and Office Pansuku. Yuabread currently has partnerships with approximately 20 bakeries, and is negotiating with more than 50 additional bakeries. Please see the following URL for details.


[About Yuabread, Inc.]

Name: Yuabread, Inc.

CEO: Kenta Yano

Headquarters: 368-9-XNUMX Hommachi, Kiryu-shi, Gunma

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