[Press Release] fabbit partners with Taiwanese coworking space FUTUREWARD

Startup support and coworking space operator fabbit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasunari Tanaka) formally agreed to a business alliance with Taiwanese coworking space FUTUREWARD operator Fangzhou Futai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan; Co-CEOs: Jonathan Liao and Daniel Lin) on 2/2. The purpose of the alliance is to further enhance each company's support system for members, through provisions such as mutual use of fabbit and FUTUREWARD facilities, collaborative support for members' international expansion, and jointly organized events.

FUTUREWARD ・ Front desk

FUTUREWARD front desk

Fangzhou Futai operates FUTUREWARD, a coworking space of approximately 1,600 square meters conveniently located in the center of Taipei. FUTUREWARD currently has approximately 1,500 members and has hosted more than 100 events. They are also participating in a public-private joint project with the Taiwanese government to build Taiwan's startup ecosystem and help foreign investors and entrepreneurs enter Taiwan.

A sodium that won the FUTUREWARD Design Award
FUTUREWARD ・ Event space that can accommodate 150 people

Left: Design award-winning FUTUREWARD atrium

Right: 150 person capacity FUTUREWARD event space

fabbit looks forward to actively pursuing more international partnerships to strengthen our services for startups expanding into the global market. We also continue to contribute to the startup ecosystem through our lineup of seminars and networking events, information exchange, and business and investment matching.

[About FUTUREWARD Coworking Space]

Address: B1F, No.343, Changchun Rd, Songshan District Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC

Phone number: + 886-2-2719-8622

Email address:

Japanese language contact:

Number of private offices: 15

Number of meeting rooms: 4

Number of dedicated desks: 24

[Fangzhou Futai Corporate Profile]

CEO: Jonathan Liao

Headquarter: No.343, Changchun Rd, Songshan District Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC


【About fabbit Coworking & Rental Office Facilities】

Japan’s largest coworking space operator, fabbit, in accordance with the Japanese government’s “Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016,” supports startups, venture companies, and SMEs and facilitates business matching with major corporations at 45 locations around the world. In addition to providing workspace, we make use of the unique inter-industry and inter-cultural communication made possible by the coworking environment and offer a wide range of startup support programs.

We are working to offer solutions to all of the various challenges facing startups, by hosting over 1,000 events each year including large-scale annual and thematic monthly conferences, creating ample networking opportunities, holding incubation meetings to discuss strategies for sales or recruitment, and investing through our joint fund with a major Japanese venture capital.

[fabbit Co., Ltd.]

CEO: Yasunari Tanaka

Headquarters: Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building 6F, 1-3-XNUMX Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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