[Press Release] fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund to invest in five up-and-coming startups

The fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund (LPs: fabbit Co., Ltd. and Shinsei Bank, Ltd.; GP: Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (NVCC)) has determined to provide funding to five startup companies.


The fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund was established on 2018/10/1 to provide financial support to startups in the seed stage. The fund is distinct in providing a wide range of startup support programs through the fabbit ecosystem.

The fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund aims to support high-growth startups and realize a better society and by funding five companies with strong potential to solve social issues and accelerate innovation.

■ Investees

  • Mamasan&Company Inc. (

    CEO: Shigeki Tanaka

    Established: 2012/4

    Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Business: Contracting for office work and other tasks in a cloud work environment, telework introduction support, etc.

  • Hatch Create Works Co., Ltd. (

    CEO: Yasuyuki Sato

    Established: 2018/5

    Headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka

    Business: Performance survey, testing, and analysis of various electronics and peripheral devices

  • Workshift Solutions Co., Ltd. (

    CEO: Shigenori Araki

    Established: 2013/9

    Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Business: Overseas work crowd-sourcing platform

  • TransRecog Co., Ltd. (

    CEO: Takaaki Kobayashi

    Established: 2017/11

    Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Business: AxelaNote, a Windows software that can write to PDF

  • Brick Wall, Inc. (

    CEO: Makoto Kato

    Established: 2019/1

    Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Business: Restaurants with unusual activity offerings such as wreck rooms, axe-throwing, and graffiti

fabbit will continue to open new bases in Japan and overseas, strengthen its support system for fast-growing startups, and contribute to the startup ecosystem through unique seminars, networking events, business matching, and investment.

[About the fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund]

Name: fabbit・NVCC Startup Fund Investment Limited Partnership

Target investees: Domestic venture companies in the startup stage with high anticipated growth

Total fund: 3.2 million yen

General Partner: Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: NVCC)

Limited Liability Partners: APAMAN Co., Ltd. and APAMAN Group Companies; Shinsei Bank, Ltd.

Date of establishment: H30/10/1

[About fabbit Co., Ltd.]

fabbit offers support to startup companies and operates coworking spaces. In addition to providing comfortable and conveniently located facilities, fabbit also offers members the chance to create new value through ample networking opportunities in our unique startup ecosystem.


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