1/30 SF Pitch Night 2020

btrax, Inc.'s startup pitch event "SF Pitch Night 1" was held in San Francisco on 30/2020.

SF Pitch Night 2020 is fully planned and operated by btrax, Inc. as the highlight event of the "Global Challenge! STARTUP TEAM FUKUOKA" program.

"Global Challenge! STARTUP TEAM FUKUOKA" is a program run by Fukuoka City* with the participation of about 200 startups and entrepreneurs, now in its 4th year. Training takes place in Fukuoka from November to December, following which selected startups participate in another round of development in San Francisco beginning at the end of January. Ultimately, just four companies selected from that round are invited to pitch at SF Pitch Night 11. Outside judges attend the event to give feedback.

fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco” was represented by a booth at the event, and presented the fabbit Award to collEco, a startup founded by a Kyushu University student.

* "Global Challenge! STARTUP TEAM FUKUOKA" is a program for entrepreneurs in Fukuoka City offering development and networking opportunities to promote the growth of Fukuoka-based startups and the international startup ecosystem.

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