1/23 Thank you for attending fabbit Conference: HR Tech

fabbit Conference: HR Tech was held on 1/23.

This first fabbit conference of 2020 included a special presentation, startup panel discussion, and listed company CEO seminar, all on the trending theme of "HR Tech."

As moderators, Boardwalk Capital Inc. President and CEO Mr. Michimasa Naka participated from fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco,” which opened that same day, and Pasona Group's Director of Business Development Mr. Ai Shiotani joined us at fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi."

HRTech, a new buzzword of 2019, is solving challenges in human resources through innovative technologies.

Technology has allowed for greater efficiency in traditionally time-consuming processes such as recruitment, labor management, and payroll management, as well as for new working styles made possible by innovations like part-time job matching and new forms of remuneration.

In the first part of the Conference, Senior Manager of Pasona Group's IT Division spoke about new developments in HR Tech from the perspective of HR pros.

He covered HR Tech from the basics to breaking news, explaining the importance of HR strategy and its realization, and commenting on necessary future developments in HR Tech.

The second part of the Conference brought together four up-and-coming startups for a panel discussion.

Dofa Inc.  Mr. Ichinohe founded dofa inc. in October 2017. dofa has developed a platform for part-time job matching and recruitment, "kasooku."

Motify Dore founded Motify in 2016. Motify previously released a human resource development platform, "Motify Culture Check," equipped with in-house SNS, questionnaire, chat, and health management features, and in 2019 released "Welcome HR," which eases administrative aspects of the hiring process.

Refcome Mr. Shimizu launched the cloud referral service "Refcome" and and platform "Refcome Team" with the goal of increasing the number of happily working people and happy work environments.

identity With the mission of contributing to the future of society alongside the world's technologists, Mr. Konno developed the IT job posting platform "techcareer" and other services to support the recruitment of IT professionals.

After a 5 minute introduction from each startup, the panelists fielded questions from the moderators and participants at venues across the country. Each panelist shared innovative ideas and business plans in response to the challenges in HR today.

The third portion of the event was a talk by temona President and CEO Hayato Sagawa on his entrepreneurship story and the road to his company's IPO on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2019.

temona pursues services that aim to change the business model of many companies to "subscription business," thereby easing the management of companies and the lifestyles of consumers.

Mr. Sagawa spoke about his entrepreneurship leading up to the company's listing on the 1 section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, from its listing on the TSE Mothers Market in 2017 to its listing on the TSE First Section Market in April 2019.

He talked about his life from age 18, from his own near-death experience to the successive resignation of his employees, and the crucial lessons in business management he learned from it all.

The successful event closed with a networking party for participants and speakers to share contact information.

The next fabbit Conference will be held on 2/27 with the theme "The State of AI in 2020."

In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution brought on by AI and big data, we can imagine potential uses for AI in demand forecasting, data analysis, and image authentication, but how much do we know about how AI is actually being used?

Look forward to learning more about AI in the world today at February's fabbit Conference.

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