[Press Release] "fabbit Lunch Meeting" held 1/17 for entrepreneurs aiming for IPO

Startup support and coworking space operator fabbit Co., Ltd. held a lunch meeting on 1/17 for entrepreneurs aiming for IPO.

(Mr. Yuya Kimura, President and CEO of Access Group Holdings Co., Ltd., listed on the TSE JASDAQ Standard in November 2018)

In accordance with the "Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016" (now the "Future Investment Strategy 2018") advocated by the Japanese government, fabbit provides support to startup companies and SMEs and operates coworking and rental office facilities. fabbit currently has 23 locations in Japan and 22 locations abroad, with a total membership of 6,600*.

As part of fabbit's unique startup support program, we gathered member entrepreneurs hoping to take their companies public to network and share information over lunch.

(Lunch meeting)

The event began with greetings from our CEO Yasunari Tanaka and fabbit Advisory Board Member Michimasa Naka, CEO of Boardwalk Capital Inc., followed by words from CEO Yuya Kimura of Access Group Holdings Co., Ltd., listed on the JASDAQ Standard in 2018. We then enjoyed business introductions from each attending startup.

Nobutaka Tanaami, Executive Advisor to Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd., and other special guests also gave warm words of encouragement and advice to the up-and-coming startups on their way to IPO.

The event finished with time for attendees to freely chat and network.

(Networking time)

fabbit will continue to strengthen its support system for startups aiming to become unicorns and to contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem through our unique lineup of events, networking opportunities, information sharing, and funding and business matching.

(*) As of the end of September 2019. Figures are cumulative and subject to change.

Number of members includes fabbit, COMPASS, and group companies.

Number of locations includes those in design and construction phases, and Workbar, a group portfolio company.

[About fabbit Co., Ltd.]

fabbit offers support to startup companies and operates coworking spaces. In addition to providing comfortable and conveniently located facilities, fabbit also offers members the chance to create new value through ample networking opportunities in our unique startup ecosystem.


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