fabbit presents a new free seminar series, "fabbit College"! 1st session to be held 2/4 at fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi."

Public relations starting with press release

fabbit has come to hold a variety of workshops and networking events as part of our startup support program.

Starting this year, we will offer a new "fabbit College" monthly seminar series to support our members and the wider startup community.

The theme of the first session, to be held 2/4, will be "Public Relations: It All Starts with the Press Release."

In this workshop-style event, we will learn about the efficacy of the press release today, how to create titles that stand out on social media or Google search, and more.

・ How can I convey the appeal of my service or product to the world?

・ How can I use PR effectively in today's information society?

・ I don't know where to start with PR...

If you have any of these questions or concerns, please join us!

[fabbit College Details]

  • Date: 2020/2/4 (Tues.) 15:00~17:00

  • Participation fee: Free (advance registration required)

  • Venue: fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi" (2F Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building, 6-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

  • Program:

    PR in modern society

    Press releases today

    Maximizing the effectiveness of your press release

    Q & A


Click here for details and registration:

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