1/16 "VC Night #7: Delight Ventures - Analyzing investment policy for a 100 billion yen fund" held at fabbit Otemachi!

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Held regularly since Fall 2019, VC/CVC Night is an opportunity for startup executives to deepen their understanding of venture capital. fabbit co-sponsors the series with "Kepple Academy," an educational program for startups and investors run by Kepple, Inc.

This 7th installment in the series featured Delight Ventures venture capitalist Kentaro Nagahara.

Delight Ventures is a venture capital with DeNA as LP and their subsidiary Delight Venture Investment as GP, led by Dai Watanabe. Delight Ventures focuses ¥100 billion in funding on entrepreneurs inside and outside of DeNA.

After Mr. Nagahara's lecture, the event took the form of a fireside chat to discuss in depth the history of the fund, challenges they've faced, business areas and stages of interest, and future prospects.

At the end of the event there was networking time, with lots of interaction between participants and VCs.

On 2/6, the "1st CTO Night" will also be held at fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi." The event will be a chance to learn about topics such as engineer recruitment and organization building from four up-and-coming startups.

Startup CTOs from a wide range of fields will gather to share their experiences.

Winning the fabbit award

For the exciting 1st installment of this new series, CTOs, VPoEs, and CIOs from four startups will speak about their unique organizational structures and the challenges they have overcome.

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