New service: "fabbit Samurai Cafe On- Demand" free specialist consultations for startups

On 2020/1/6 fabbit launched a new service for startups,

"fabbit Samurai Cafe On-Demand."

Startups face many logistical questions, on topics from corporate registration procedures to employment laws to filing tax returns. To help ease these concerns, fabbit will offer the opportunity to consult highly qualified professionals in business registration, management, HR, accounting, IPO preparation, and more free of charge.

[Potential topics and who to consult]

  • Establishment

    ・ How do you register for establishment?

    ・ How do you write articles of incorporation?

    ・ How many directors are needed?

    → Administrative scrivener (articles of incorporation) / judicial scrivener (registration) / lawyer (institutional structure)

  • Business operation

    ・ What should you include in a business contract?

    ・ How do you register and protect intellectual property?

    → Lawyer / administrative scrivener (contract review, IP protection)

  • Recruitment / HR

    ・ What laws do you need to follow when hiring employees?

    ・ How do you manage withholding tax and year-end adjustments?

    → Labor and social security attorney (social insurance, labor management)

    ・ What procedures are necessary when hiring foreign citizens?

    → Administrative scrivener (immigration and residence procedures)

  • Accounting

    ・ How do you file a tax return?

    ・ Is it enough to just input finances into accounting software?

    → Accountant / tax accountant (tax returns, bookkeeping, accounting)

  • IPO preparation

    ・ What's important in capitalization strategy?

    ・ What internal controls should be implemented?

    → Accountant (capitalization, internal controls)

We are happy to introduce you to experts who can help with these and other questions.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you within 3 business days to schedule an appointment.

Whether you're already a entrepreneur or are still considering entrepreneurship, we hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity!

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