December 12 (Fri) Challenge Future Award Business Design Discovery & Presentation 13 Kanto Conference was held.

"Challenge Future Award Business Design Discovery & Presentation 12 Kanto Conference" was held at fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi" on Friday, December 13th. fabbit co-sponsored this Challenge Future Award Business Design Discovery & Presentation 2019 Kanto Conference with the Telecom Service Association Kanto Branch and the ICT Business Study Group. Awards have been awarded.

The "Challenge Future Award Business Design Discovery & Presentation 2019-2020" aims to create an environment where individual abilities blossom and evolve, increase personal and corporate profits, and enrich the Japanese economy. At the tournament, the following entry teams made presentations on the theme of business "models / ideas / plans / services / products".

[Social entrepreneur section]

  • Yonder Laboratorio "Call Ton Ton"

  • Engao "City development to turn elderly people into local players"

  • Yokohama Wheel Map "Wheel IoT"

  • General Incorporated Association nasu lab. "Na Su Mo" with Nasu you don't know

[Campus section]

  • Kanto Gakuen University "SHOE POLISH-Rebirth-"

  • Utsunomiya University "Japanese and Western Kimono Dress"

  • Kanto Gakuen University Smile Project “Community Activation Ota Smile System Using Community FM Using ICT”

  • Kanto Gakuen University "Travel Delivery Service"

  • BODY language "BODYMO"

  • Volunteer Forest for Procon 2019 "Collect! Volunteer Forest-Disaster Volunteer Matching Site-"

  • Kanto Gakuen University "Hanajaya" CyaListea ""

[Business Division]

  • anyos motors `` Safety electric motorcycle spread optimization business ''

  • Ototo Co., Ltd. “Auditory Cognitive Learning Method Community Learning“ Ototsu ””

  • EDENLUX “EYE training and vision improvement device that supports eye health in a digital society”

  • TeamAyrra `` English GO ''

  • AGREX Co., Ltd. "Introduction of window interior" Windless "equipped with cutting-edge technology"

  • Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd. SAI Project "Golf Round Movie Digest Delivery Service

  • -Expanding the fun of golf with ICT-"

  • Team ⽣ / ⾝ Body Reduction Labo "~ To make every room an organic reduction space ~"

  • Riker's Academia Co., Ltd. "Starting with SchooMy Borad, a creative problem-solving skills development project"

After the presentation of each team, a fight seminar will be held by the 2018 Kanto Games Business Division winner, TRACEBILITY WINE Ryo Takahashi, and a guest greeting will be given by Mr. Masayuki Kitahiro, Regional Economy Division, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. was.

After that, the result announcement and commendation ceremony were held, and the fabbit award was given to three teams of social entrepreneurs: Yonder Laboratorio, campus: Utsunomiya University, business: EDENLUX, and free prizes available at fabbits nationwide as supplementary awards A 3-day seat use ticket has been granted.

In addition, BODY Language, which received the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Kanto Comprehensive Communications Bureau Award, has the right to take part in the national competition, and METI has won the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry's Director's Award.・ Edenlux, which received the Telecom Service Association Kanto Chapter Chairman's Award, was awarded the National Tournament Challenge Right. The national convention will be held from March 3 (Thu) to 12 (Fri) at Kanda Myojin Hall.

* National tournament participation right is the right to participate in the tournament.

* The national tournament challenge right will be judged after brushing up again.

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