Fabbit members participated in "Japan Subscription Business Award 2019"

12 Mon 9 Sun (Monday) An award ceremony for the “Japan Subscription Business Awards 2019” sponsored by the Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association was held at Belle Salle Roppongi, and members of fabbit Co., Ltd., members of the promotion association participated. did.

Subscription business that sells flat-rate products and provides services has become a hot topic in Japan in various ways in the current trend of “ownership” to “use” of goods. At the award ceremony of the “Japan Subscription Business Award 2019” held this time, each award including Grand Prix was announced.

The Grand Prix was selected on a monthly basis, a rental service that delivers toys and educational toys that match the growth and age of the child every other month [Toy Sub! "Torana Co., Ltd."

▼ Award ceremony
The award ceremony

■ List of award services

  • Grand Prix: “Toy Sub! 』Trana Inc.
  • Silver: "MEZON" Jocy Corporation
  • Bronze: "Optune" Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Sponsored company prize:
  • Sakura Internet Award / “GooPass” Camerabu Co., Ltd.
  • GMO Payment Gateway Award / “Dyson Technology Plus” Dyson Corporation
  • Paidy Award / "Net home delivery cleaning" Rinet "" White Plus Co., Ltd.
  • Outstanding performance award:
  • “Safety Confirmation Service” Toyokumo Co., Ltd.
  • "URIHO" Raccoon Financial Co., Ltd.
  • “Every pass” JR East Water Business Co., Ltd.
  • "OFFICE PASS" Nikkei Inc.
  • "Letter Pack Direct" JP Media Direct Co., Ltd.

After the award ceremony, a talk session was held, and there was a discussion about the recommended subscription service and ideal subscription service by Mr. Fuzan Ujihara, Subsamba Ambassador, Representative Director Masato Sagawa, and 3 name of Torana Director , The visitors seemed to hear interestingly.

▼ The talk session with Mr. Uzumara Rozan
Talk session with Rozan Ujihara

Finally, a keynote speech was given by Mr. Seiji Umeda of Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., and it was 1 day to hear about the subscription business efforts by large companies and feel the momentum of the subscription business.

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