December 12 (Wednesday) Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference “Startup Ecosystem”-Summary of 4 Topics-

On December 12th (Wednesday), the fabbit Conference “Startup Ecosystem” was held.

This fabbit Conference, which will conclude the end of 2019, invites startups, who are supported, and supporters, VCs, accelerators, etc., from the perspectives of both sides, with the main theme of "startup ecosystem" In addition to looking back on the events and topics in the 2019 startup ecosystem, he also talked about the prospects for 2020.

Ms. Masatoshi Naka, President and Representative Director of Boardwalk Capital Co., Ltd., is a fabbit ambassador in the discussion of VC / Accelerator, and also moderator of Ai Shioya, Business Development Director, Pasona Group Venture Strategy Headquarters. Thank you.

The startup panel discussion was attended by the following three people, who gave presentations on the start-up opportunities and the features of their services.

  • ■ Delite Co., Ltd. CEO: Mariko Hashimoto
  • ■ OsidOri Co., Ltd. CEO: Takashi Miyamoto,
  • ■ Fun Group Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Kenji Miki

Mr. Mariko Hashimoto, Representative Director and CEO of Delighted Co., Ltd., has felt uncomfortable that the reception work will not be updated as the surroundings become more convenient, and decided to start a business. He talked about what was done and “RECEPTIONIST”, a cloud reception system.

OsidOri Co., Ltd. CEO: Takashi Miyamoto has created a system that makes managing money between couples easier and more convenient in the social background where working couples are increasing. Both married couples and individual accounts We had a hot story that we just released "OshidOri", an app that can manage the system, three months ago.

Fun Group Co., Ltd. President: Kenji Miki has expanded his business by planning a high-quality local tour by having experience of taking all the luggage in Phuket. Tabinaca reported that it was changed.

In the question-and-answer session, a question input form using QR codes was also used, and many questions arrived from venues nationwide. Questions such as “What kind of members did you start and how did you raise funds?” And “How do you want to raise funds in the future and how do you want to grow the company?” Were held and lively discussions were held.

In the following accelerator panel discussion, five companies including fabbit talked about their business and features.

  • ■ Microsoft for Startups Microsoft Japan: Hitomi Totani
  • ■ Mitsui Sumitomo Capital Investment Co., Ltd. Manager: Atsushi Funato
  • ■ Kepple Academy Division General Producer: Mr. Hiroyuki Fujiwara
  • ■ FUJITSU ACCELERATOR Fujitsu Limited FUJITSU ACCELERATOR Representative: Hirofumi Ukida

At the beginning, Microsoft for Startups conducts startup support programs in 59 countries. Mitsui Sumitomo Capital Co., Ltd. holds monthly LUNCH PITCH, a matching platform that connects startups, large companies, and VCs. Opened Kepple Academy, a real place where investors can gather and learn, FUJITSU ACCELERATOR introduces the features of each, such as being able to collaborate remotely even from the local area and actively participating from the initial theme setting. It was.

After the business introduction, topics and news in the start-up industry in 2019 were discussed, and the moderators Ms. Natsumasa Naka and Ai Shiotani were digging deeply, and the excitement of the venue increased. Lastly, the audience talked about what they wanted to convey to the startup company, and it was impressive that the visitors were listening to the story.

After that, at the networking party that was held, business card exchanges were also actively performed, and the meeting was closed with great success, such as consultations with the speakers and questions. It was a busy season for teachers, but thank you for the participation of more than 120 people including relay stations.

The next fabbitConference will be held in January 2020 on the theme of HR Tech-Innovation of Human Resources Utilization-.

HRTech is a term that combines Human Resources and Technology. It can be said that 2019 is the year when HRtech was the first year of the HRtech. Please look forward to the January fabbit Conference where you can learn more about HRTech.

(You can apply for the next fabbit Conference here.)

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