Our representative Tanaka participated in the startup world cup 2020 Tokyo qualifying as a judge

2019 year 11 month 28 (Thursday), Tokyo International Forum (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) "Startup World Cup 2020" Tokyo qualifying was held, our representative Yasunari Tanaka served as a judge.

The Startup World Cup is the world's largest global pitch contest organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures based in Silicon Valley, USA. The companies that won the regional qualifiers in the global 60 region and beyond, and won the regional qualifiers, entered the world final match held in San Francisco on Friday, 2020 on 5 in 22 and multiplied the world championship investment prize by approximately 1 billion Compete with regional representatives from each country.

On the day of Tokyo qualifying, more than 1500 spectators gathered at the venue, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave a message to encourage the participants, as well as greetings from the Minister for Special Missions Naoichi Takemoto, startups at domestic 2 to 3 locations.・ Ecosystem base city concept was announced, and it was held in a grand manner.

Panel discussions by people familiar with innovation and a pitch contest by startup 10, which was selected at Kyushu Road Show, where fabbit was the main sponsor, 2 from Toy Medical Co., Ltd. and Hachitama Co., Ltd. Participated, and a hot pitch was unfolded.

[Participating startup 10]

  • Sound fan
  • Cinnamon Co., Ltd.
  • Musca Inc.
  • Hachi Tama Inc.
  • Normy Corporation
  • Toy Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Upsell Technologies Inc.
  • Lily MedTech Inc.
  • Flowdia Inc.
  • Looop Co., Ltd.

The winner of 10's prominent startup World Cup 2020 Japan is “Looop Co., Ltd.,” which operates a renewable energy supply business such as solar power generation.

In addition, the “SEGA SAMMY Group Award”, a special sponsor award, is a cinnamon company that provides AI-OCR for cutting-edge atypical forms, and the “Suntory Award” is a feed for livestock with high nutritional value using larvae. Musca Co., Ltd. and the “Japan Microsoft Award” were awarded by Normy Co., Ltd., which developed and provides the world's first mobile camera vein authentication.

Looop Co., which was selected as the representative of Japan, together with 2020, which won the qualifying held in Osaka on 2 / 6 on 1, will be held in Silicon Valley on 2020 / 5 on 22. Compete with regional representatives of each country in the “war”.

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