We participated in “SVJP Retreat 2019” held at Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP).

Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP), an innovation platform that connects Silicon Valley and Japan, is hosting the annual event “SVJP Retreat” at Half Moon Bay in California. Was held on the schedule of 2019 days. The “SVJP Retreat” is a meeting where entrepreneurs and management teams representing Silicon Valley and representatives of SVJP member companies deepen their personal exchanges. The program offers a meaningful program to deepen understanding of the culture of Silicon Valley, the mecca of innovation, while discussing a wide range of topics such as cutting-edge technological innovation, business conditions, and management methods.

Continuing from last year, our representative Tanaka participated and received many stimuli.

This year's corporate site visit was held at Mountain View, the headquarters of Google, a SVJP participating company, and was a very valuable experience.

Other sessions were held at The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, where lively discussions were held while listening to the stories of leaders active at the forefront of Silicon Valley.

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SVJP is mainly a membership organization.

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