2019/12/4 fabbit Conference "Startup Ecosystem - 2019 Roundup"

The theme of the fabbit Conference on Wednesday, December 12 is "Startup Ecosystem"-Summary of 4.

What does the phrase "startup ecosystem" bring to mind?

In Japan, many high-fundraising startups and venture companies have emerged, and the trend is expected to continue.

Behind the rise of such startups is an "ecosystem" of players supporting the startup community in Japan and around the world.

Venture capitals that support funding, accelerators that create new business using the assets of large companies, service providers that offer the infrastructure startups need, seminars that share know-how for growth - the quality and quantity of these supporting players continues to grow. In the midst of this proliferation, 2019 saw the emergence of a new question - what do these supporters need to do to be chosen by startups?

Our last fabbit Conference of 2019 will bring startups and the VCs and accelerators that support them together to review various happenings in the startup ecosystem in 2019 and look ahead to what 2020 holds.

- Speakers -


■ Delighted Co., Ltd. CEO - Mariko Hashimoto

■ OsidOri Co., Ltd. CEO - Takashi Miyamoto


■ Microsoft for Startups

Japan Microsoft Co., Ltd. - Hitomi Totani

■ Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Investment Development Manager - Atsushi Funato

■ Kepple Academy Division General Producer - Hiroyuki Fujiwara


FUJITSU ACCELERATOR Representative, Fujitsu Limited - Hirofumi Ukida


■ Boardwalk Capital Co., Ltd. CEO - Michimasa Naka

■ Innovator / Connector

fabbit Ambassador

Pasona Group Venture Strategy Division Business Development Director - Ai Shiotani

On the day of the event, you can submit questions for the speakers from your smartphone using a code distributed at venues nationwide.

Follow the link below for event details:

Centered around our coworking spaces, at fabbit we support startups and SMEs as they create new business models, and promote business matching and technological innovation through our unique support programs.

An important part of this is our popular fabbit Conference series, a monthly event that features seminars by listed companies, VCs, and accelerators, pitches by startups, and opportunities for business matching and direct networking with executives and innovators from listed companies and startups.

We hope you'll stay after the seminar for our networking party.

There will be chances to meet and exchange information with startup, venture, and major companies from a variety of industries.

In addition to the main venue, the event will be broadcast live at our locations in Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Kobe Sannomiya, Hiroshima, ACROS Fukuoka, COMPASS Kokura, and the Philippines. Please participate at a venue near you!

We look forward to seeing you at fabbit.

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