"fabbit DIVERSE PITCH NIGHT" collaboration event with SLUSH TOKYO held Nov. 11

On November 5th, fabbit and startup community SLUSH TOKYO co-hosted, "fabbit DIVERSE PITCH NIGHT," our 11th collaboration event.

In this event, a total of 3 companies from startups 3 selected from fabbit members and guest startups 6 from BARK community participated, and a new business model within the limited time of pitch and 3 Q & A Appealing a passionate feeling. All startups on stage are in the early stage within 3 years of establishment, and there are various fields such as medical care and human resources.

The winner of the pitch event was R-Square & Company (, a startup that develops and operates professional services for sales personnel development and cloud applications.

The winners received the BARK Startup Award and the fabbit Award.

▲ fabbit presented the fabbit Award to Mr. Yamashita, President & CEO of R-Square & Company.

Additional participating startups (in random order):

Medical Masters (

DefinedCrowd (

Open Doors (

Drive Japan (

FutuRocket (

Mr. Tsuneta from For Startups, Mr. Suzuki from Plug and Play Japan, and Mr. Nakazawa from Future Venture Capital were invited as judges.

▲ Exciting pitches from each of the startups

▲ Sharp questions from the judges

Mr. Suzuki commented, “The theme of 'diverse pitches' was very interesting because it brought together startups from a range of industries. I hope that this event leads these startups to continued activity and success in the future.”

This event (2019/11/5) marked the rebranding of SLUSH TOKYO as “BARK.” (For more information: )

[About BARK]

BARK is a Japanese startup community launched on 2019/11/5. It's mission - to change startups from an “industry” to a “culture.” BARK aims to create a society that gives birth to countless entrepreneurs who endeavor to solve problems and incite change in the world.

It's first initiative, “BARKATION by BARK,” will be held on 2020/2/19. (Official homepage: sales have started, with an early-bird discount campaign (limited to certain types of tickets) until 11/8.

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