fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi" introduces SPACER lockers that open and close with a smartphone for mail delivery

At fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi" we have begun a trial implementation of SPACER lockers, the next generation in locker technology that allows for operation and key transfer through your smartphone.

SPACER allows you not only to open and close lockers, but also to share keys and complete payment through your smartphone. This makes it possible not only to temporarily store your own items, but also to use the key-share feature to pass items between members or receive parcels from fabbit reception.

We have introduced SPACER at fabbit Otemachi to help with mail distribution to members. As part of a commemorative campaign, this service is provided free of charge for a limited time. Members can therefore use the lockers free of charge to receive parcels and store them overnight.

We have started offering SPACER mail distribution for interested members.

[Campaign Summary]

Installation commemorative campaign:

Regular usage fee (free up to 2 hours, following 6 hours 240 yen) → Free for a limited time.

SPACER Mail Distribution Service

Interested members can receive their mail through SPACER at any time.

Usage is free. Please contact fabbit reception for details.

* The end of the campaign will be announced at fabbit.

[About SPACER]

SPACER offers next-generation lockers throughout the country that feature the ability to open, close, and share keys through your smartphone.


Please take advantage of this opportunity.

fabbit looks forward to continuing to implement new services to improve member satisfaction and support startups.

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