Thank you for participating in the fabbit Conference "Food Agri Tech-Thinking about Food for the Future".

We welcomed the start of cooler fall weather here in Tokyo with fabbit Conference "Food・Agri Tech - Thinking about the Future of Food," held on 10/23 at fabbit Global Gateway "Otemachi."

As moderator we invited former Citi former Citigroup Securities Vice President, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School Part-time Lecturer, and Keio University Lecturer Michimasa Naka. Across our main Otemachi venue and 10 satellite venues in Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima, Kobe Sannomiya, Fukuoka, Kokura, and Manila, over 150 people attended the Conference.

The first part of the Conference featured some of the most talk-about startups in the "food tech" and "agri tech" industries delving into their unique business models and future prospects through two panel discussions.

In the Agri Tech session, Inaho Co., Ltd. CEO COO, Mr. Muneya Oyama, developing an agricultural platform centered on an automatic vegetable harvesting robot using artificial intelligence, agricultural agriculture with original technology using satellite data and agricultural data A panel discussion was held by Shunsuke Tsuboi, Founder CEO of Sagri Co., Ltd., which provides an application to optimize applications.

In the story of the start-up of two non-farmers, Mr. Tsuboi, who was originally engaged in an education-related business, thought that he entered the agricultural field when looking at the whole world, and originally researched in the robot field Mr. Oyama talked about how inaho was founded focusing on agricultural harvesting.

In the target market, Mr. Sagri Tsuboi has already started business in India where there is room for efficiency, but Mr. Inaho is a future farmer with plastic greenhouses and facility horticulture. He talked about the prospects of wanting to expand into the prosperous Netherlands.

In addition, questions were gathered in various episodes, such as a difficult story about farmers using smartphones but not having a smartphone.

  • ▼ Inaho Co., Ltd. Mr. Oyama

  • ▼ Mr. Tsuboi, Sagri Co., Ltd.

Food tech's session is ECOLOGGIE Founder COO Co., Ltd. Kensuke Ikeda Co., Ltd., which conducts research and development and sales of food and feed mainly made of crickets. A panel discussion was held by Ryota Saito, CMO Base Food Co., Ltd., and Kazuma Kawagoe, Co-Cooking Co., Ltd., who operates the food sharing service “TABETE”.

The story that led to the start-up of everyone on the stage said that ECOLOGGIE Ikeda, who had learned about the world's social issues and insect food, and wanting to change from food to stay healthy while continuing to grow Mr. Saito who thought of base food, Mr. Kokook Kawagoe who started a business with the service of reducing food loss that began to be born overseas, witnessing the amount of food waste at the field of food and beverage industry, everyone triggered various social issues I was impressed by the story of starting a business.

Macroscopic questions such as topics about the SDGs, which are a global issue, fluctuate in the age of protein shortage, which is said to come to each startup for a strong individuality, while the taste of complete food and the crisis of food loss There were a lot of questions that would be helpful to use as a user from tomorrow, such as questions about the quality of food rescue in Japan.

  • ▼ Mr. Ikeda, ECOLOGGIE Co., Ltd.

  • ▼ Base Food Co., Ltd. Saito

  • ▼ Cooking Co., Ltd. Mr. Kawagoe

  • ▼ The whole venue

The second part provides high-quality Internet services centered on the data center business, and supports various businesses by developing various services that respond to customer demands as the Internet environment changes. Invited Mr. Kunihiro Tanaka, President and Representative Director, Sakura Internet Co., Ltd. A monthly listed company president seminar was held to talk about his own student entrepreneurship experiences and the difficulties to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. .

With the corporate identity of “change what we want to do”, we feel the changes in the Internet industry and the world, while recognizing the importance of human resources for growth and the importance of individual creativity. I had a story about growing the company. In that context, it was very helpful to talk about how important it is for managers to take the lead in margins such as room for time and time.

Thank you very much for your questions from the venues throughout the country.

After the lecture, the networking party was attended by instructors at the venue, and business cards were actively exchanged. The venue was closed with enthusiasm. In Otemachi, we have provided BASE BREAD as a sample with the kindness of Saito, a base food.

The next fabbitConference will be

11 Mon 14 (Thursday) The fabbit Conference will be held in 1 as a large-scale 1 event.The venue will be moved to The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, and Sakae, Osaka, Kobe Sannomiya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Manila will be broadcast live. We will connect so please enjoy it at a nearby venue

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