Will Group HRTech Accelerator Program Demoday -Fabbit Award for KAKEAI-

DemoDay, an HRTech Accelerator program sponsored by Will Group, which is developing a variety of businesses centered on the temporary staffing business, will be held on Friday, 10 on Friday, and fabbit will complement the field manager's people management and member management capabilities. Provided fabbit award for AI Cloud system “KAKEAI”.

This program will support startups using HRTech through funding from Will Group and mentoring for 3 months with a wealth of instructors and mentors.

At DemoDay, selected 5 startups pitched products that were brushed up through the program to participants such as VC / CVC and operating companies. Each company announced the achievements within the period, such as acquiring and expanding paid customers and official product release, and developed a heated pitch.

Selected startup, lecturer / mentor, DemoDay participant group photo

Hideaki Honda, President and CEO, KAKEAI Corporation

KAKEAI, which won the fabbit award, is a cloud system focused on changing people management, which has become a personal and black box, and supplements the power of field managers in 1on1 and interviews with science, technology, and knowledge share. In addition, this tool supports the realization of accurate on-site follow-up of personnel and management.

fabbit will continue to support and follow up each startup, including participants in this accelerator program.

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