Provision of the venue to Manabi's skill-sharing service “Sutoaka_Street Academy” -Starting to hold lectures at Kansai base as the 1 bullet-

fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi” has started providing a space for holding courses to Manabi's skill sharing service “Stoaka”.

“Stoaka” is the largest Manabi market in Japan where “persons who want to teach” and “persons who want to learn” are matched on the web and lectures are held face-to-face. “Those who want to teach” can easily hold classrooms and workshops, and “persons who want to learn” can participate in one-off.

fabbit offers a new space for holding courses and providing a new location for a lecturer who is active at Street Academy Co., Ltd. (store hawk), a capital tie-up, through a test operation at Across Fukuoka. It leads to activation of communication. We can also hold large-scale events other than regular courses.

We have already started providing space information and accepting reservations for the “Store Concier” site for Storka teachers, and offer free space during weekdays at special prices for Storka teachers.

We will continue to expand the number of locations where courses can be held, promote communication, and create new opportunities for people who want to teach and people who want to learn.

[About fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi”]

The fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi” is an open space with a ceiling height of about 2.8m and directly connected to the underground from “Honmachi” station on the Yotsubashi, Chuo and Midosuji Lines, a break room, a viewing restaurant, a cafe, a medical mall, etc. It is ideal for hosting events and workshops.

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[About the store]

“Stork” is a market that connects people who want to teach and learn. The number of registered users is more than 35 nationwide. You can choose what you want to learn from all 170 genres, such as business skills, your own polish, and hobbies. Anyone can become a teacher and use his skills and likes to open a course. It features a matching course on the web and a real face-to-face course.

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About space concierge

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