fabbit supported Japan-California Governor Conference (hosted by the US-Japan Council, Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP)) as a sponsor.

The Japan-California Governor's Conference, a symposium hosted by the US-Japan Council Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP), was held at Stanford University on Monday, 8.

This symposium is part of the Governor's Circle since 2010 and aims to provide opportunities for strengthening the relationship between the West Coast of the United States, especially Silicon Valley and Japan, and discussing economic development between the two. The

This year, the prefecture is faced by about 200 people from Nagano, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Okayama and Oita prefectures, including Governor, Deputy Governor and Deputy Governor Eleni Kunarakis. We discussed various issues and economic cooperation between Silicon Valley and Japan. fabbit supported SPICE (Stanford Program on International and Cross Cultural Education) as a sponsor of this year's symposium.

▼ (From left) Mr. Daniel Okimoto, Hidehiko Yuzo, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, Governor Hirakawa Katsuhira, Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, US-Japan Council President Eileen Hirano Inoue, Vice Governor Eleni Kunarakis, Governor Iwaki , Governor Hirose Katsumada Oita Governor, Hirota Ota

(Provided by the US-Japan Council)

[About the US-Japan Council]

The US-Japan Council is an organization that develops and connects international leaders to strengthen US-Japan relations. The members of the US-Japan Council are convinced that uniting Japanese and US leaders through exchanges between people is a powerful tool for tackling common issues in both countries and finding solutions. The US-Japan Council is an educational non-profit organization established in 2008, with headquarters in Washington, DC and staff in California, Hawaii and Tokyo. In 2012, the US-Japan Council-Japan was established. US-Japan Council-Japan, certified as a public interest foundation in 2013, is headquartered in Tokyo.

[About Silicon Valley Japan Platform]

The Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP) is co-sponsored by the US-Japan Council and the Asia Pacific Initiative. It was established based on the success of the Silicon Valley Governor's Conference organized by the US-Japan Council in 2014 and Prime Minister Abe's visit to Silicon Valley in 2015. Through various programs, we aim to create an innovative community for Silicon Valley and Japanese leaders, and to connect the vital technology of Silicon Valley with the needs of Japan's economic revitalization.

[About Governors' Circle]

Governors' Circle provides a comprehensive venue to connect Japanese prefecture companies with business partners on the west coast of the United States. Governor of Nagano, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Oita Prefecture meet to discuss how the US-Japan relationship can be strengthened at the local level while exchanging opinions with US leaders including the governor. .

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