Representative Tanaka participated in the Hult Prize Final as a judge

The final of the world ’s largest student society entrepreneurship contest “Hult Prize” was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, USA on the 9 month of 14, and our representative Yasunari Tanaka participated. I was invited to the final at the UN headquarters because I acted as a judge for the Hult Prize TokyoRegional qualifying on 4 month 28.

▼ Ahmad Ashkar CEO and Founder at the Hult Prize

▼ William J. Clinton 42nd President of the United States of America

The Hult Prize is the world's largest student entrepreneur contest organized by the Hult Prize Foundation and has been held every year since 2009. Originally developed as a business plan contest at Hult University, it is now a global event with students from countries and regions above 120.

Each year, students are given a theme in line with the SDGs, and this year, regional qualifying was held in 29 cities around the world with the theme of "responding to youth unemployment".

The Regional Summit for Regional Qualifiers held in Tokyo on the 4 month 27 was held by 45 teams from around the world, consisting of international students from Hokkaido University and Japanese students. It was chosen as a place.

“Aquamou” participated in the 6 weekly acceleration program in the United Kingdom, but unfortunately did not participate in the final, but the team in Mexico who created the platform connecting the indigenous community and the traveler among the 12 teams that participated in Final “Rutopia” won.

▼ "Rutopia" of the winning team

Our representative Yasunari Tanaka served as a Regional Judge in the regional qualifying held in Tokyo, so we were invited to the final held at the United Nations headquarters in New York and heard their hot pitch.

Comment from representative Tanaka

“The Final was held in the meeting room of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations headquarters. I was able to have a touching and valuable experience with about 400 people from around the world. All the participating teams developed their own great pitches, and there were traces of careful preparation and practice.I always think about the low Japanese presence when I go abroad. I think there are other cultural factors, but this time I felt that it would be more manageable, but the Hult Prize Japan activities combined with the increase in the number of collaborators produced steady results. I will continue to support the Hult Prize activities in Japan and look forward to seeing the Japanese team pitching at the UN Headquarters Final someday. But it ’s full of entrepreneurship We would like to support the students. "

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