fabbit sponsored Startup World Cup XNUMX Kyushu Road Show as the main sponsor

Startup World Cup Kyushu Road Show (organized by Iizuka City, Pegasus Tech Ventures) at Kaho Theater (2019-10, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) the previous year, fabbit co-sponsored as the main sponsor, and Yasunari Tanaka, CEO of fabbit Inc., served as a judge.

▼ Group photo after the award ceremony

The Startup World Cup is the world's largest global pitch contest hosted by Pegasus Tech Ventures in the US and has been held since 2017. This is the fourth time. Companies that win regional qualifiers in more than 4 regions around the world will be invited to the World Finals held in San Francisco on Friday, May 60, 2020, and compete for a world championship investment prize of about 5 million yen.

▼ Question and answer session

The Kyushu Road Show was held at the Kaho Theater in Iizuka City, Fukuoka on 10 / 5 /10 as the first elimination round where the qualifier proceed to preliminary contest held in Tokyo and Osaka . XNUMX companies screened by documents submitted from a number of applications compete for the right to proceed.
Continuing from last year, fabbit co-sponsored as the main sponsor of the Kyushu Road Show, and Yasunari Tanaka, the representative of fabbit, participated as a judge.

[Selected 10 companies (in no particular order)]

・ Toy Medical Co., Ltd.
・ Otta inc.
・ Hachi Tama Inc.
・ Ongrit Corporation
・ New Revo Co.
・ Scientistpage
・ Iboru Inc.
・ nanoFreaks Inc.

▼ Speaker pitch

The selected 10 companies were given a 3-minute pitch and a 2-minute question-and-answer session. As a result of the evaluation process, the top four companies were decided, “Toy Medical Co., Ltd.” and “Hachi Tama Inc.” were qualified for the preliminary contest in Tokyo in November, and “Ongrit Corporation” and “New Revo Co” were qualified for that held in Osaka in February.

Startups that won the Tokyo Qualifier and Osaka Qualifiers can qualify for the semi-finals to be held in San Francisco on Wednesday, May 2020.

fabbit will continue to support startup companies to expand their business internationally.

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