Announcement of fabbit Conference “Food /Agri Tech-Thinking about Future Food-”on October 10th (Wed.)

10Month23Sunday (Wednesday)fabbit ConferenceThe theme isFood-From Agri Tech industry,Think about future food. With the evolution of technology, the word “XX Tech” has been used in various fields.

The waves are also in the food and agriculture fields. In the field of agriculture, solutions utilizing robotics and IoT are emerging for issues such as the shortage of workers due to the decrease in workers and the difficulty of passing on knowledge and production methods.

In the food area, food problems due to the diversification of food culture and global population growth have attracted attention, and startups that offer new “food” have emerged. With this trend, the Foodtech market is said to exceed 700 trillion yen worldwide, and many players, not only large companies but also startups are starting to approach this area around the world.

In the first part, we invite the startups that are currently talked about in the fields of “Agri Tech” and “Food tech”, and two panel discussions about the features of the business model and future prospects, etc. will be held.

From Agri Tech industry, we will invite Muneya Oyama,Representative Director and COO of "inaho" which develops an agricultural platform around an automated vegetable harvesting robot using artificial intelligenceand,Shunsuke TsuboiPresident and CEO of SAgri, which provides an application that uses satellite data and agricultural data to optimize agriculture agriculturally with unique technology.Panel discussion will be held having them as panelists.

From Food Tech industry, we invite Kensuke Ikeda, Founder COO of ECOLOGGIE, which researches, develops and sells fish feed using crickets as the main ingredient, Ryuta Saito, CMO of Basefood, which offers complete food with nutrition and Kazuma Kawagoe, CEO of Co-Cooking, operating the food sharing service “TABETE” as panelists for panel discussion.

The second part is lecture by the president of recently listed company. We invite Kunihiro Tanaka, President of Sakura Internet, which provides high-quality Internet services centered on the data center business, and supports various businesses by developing various services that respond to customer demands as the Internet environment changes. He will talk about his own student entrepreneurship experiences and the difficulties of being listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

On the day of the event, you can submit questions for the speakers from your smartphone using a code distributed at venues nationwide.

  You can communicate with startups, large companies, and venture companies who are active in various fields.

Follow the link below for event details:

fabbit, centered on the management of co-working space, produce a new business model through support for startups and companies' second startup, and also develop a number of unique support systems to promote business matching and technological innovation.

This conference is held as one of our whole above mentioned activity, includes a seminar by a listed company, VC, accelerator etc. ,pitch by startups, and business matcing /networking.VConce a month

It is a popular event that is filled every time as an opportunity to have direct dialogue with managers and innovators including presidents of listed companies.

A networking party will be held after the seminar.

  You can communicate with startups, large companies, and venture companies who are active in various fields.

We hope you'll stay after the seminar for our networking party.

There will be chances to meet and exchange information with startup, venture, and major companies from a variety of industries.

  You can communicate with startups, large companies, and venture companies who are active in various fields.

Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Kobe Sannomiya, Hiroshima, Across Fukuoka), andCOMPASS Kokura, and overseas facility of Philippines

We look forward to seeing you at fabbit.

2019 year 10 month 23 day fabbit Conference “Food ・ Agri Tech-Thinking about future food-”

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