We will sponsor the Startup World Cup 2020 Kyushu Road Show as the main sponsor.

2019Years10Month5Day Kaho Theater (Iizuka, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)5-23) At the Startup World Cup Kyushu Road Show (hosted by Iizuka City, Pegasus Tech Ventures)fabbitDecided to sponsor as a sponsor,fabbitThe representative, Yasunari Tanaka will serve as a judge.

The Startup World Cup is the world's largest global pitch contest conference hosted by Pegasus Tech Ventures.2017Has been held since4It will be the second time. world40Regions where regional qualifiers were held and companies that won regional qualifiers2020Invited to the World Finals in San Francisco this summer1Compete for 100 million yen.

Glorious first1The winners of the 1st World Congress are Japan(Nagoya city)was. Unifa is a robot, and production We are working on a kindergarten watching service that uses First2The winner of the World CongressLeuko Labs (Startups born from Massachusetts Institute of Technology)was. First3The winners of the 1st World Congress are VietnameseAbivin(Start-up developing a logistics optimization system).

In the Startup World Cup, the world winning investment prize is about1In addition to billion yen, we offer attractive benefits such as opportunities to raise funds from investors around the world, networking with companies and celebrities, as well as raising the global reputation as well as domestic.

First4This time, the start-up World Cup Kyushu tournament was held in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, in the form of a preliminary match for Tokyo qualifying.10Month5It will be held on Sunday (Saturday).

Upper Kyushu road show2Company11Month28You can participate in the Tokyo qualifying held at the Tokyo International Forum on Thursday. Startups that won the Tokyo qualifying2020You can qualify for the semi-finals to be held in San Francisco this summer.

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