8/27 (Tue.) Thank you for visiting our fabbit Conference subscription, “A New Life from the Reform of the Billing Model”.

8 Mon 27 Sun (Tue) Tokyo was a day of severe heat.
The fabbit Conference subscription “New Life through Reform of Billing Model” was held at fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” as the main venue. A business model "subscription" that pays for "rights" that can be used as much as you like at a fixed amount. The company has become widely known and has become familiar with the appearance of companies that have increased the number of entrants and services and generated significant profits.

In the first part, listed company president seminars were held by Mr. Masahiro Matsuoka, representative director of 4 startup companies with subscription business and Part 2, Frontier Management Co., Ltd.

▼ Startup panel discussion

Monthly rental service for furniture “airRoom” ( President Otsuki, providing)
Monthly fashion rental "airCloset" ( President Amanuma, providing air closet
Monthly flat-rate lunch take-out service “POTLUCK” ( RYM & CO. President Yanai,
And the book summarization service “flier” ( the panel discussion by President Oga, we talked about the secret stories about the birth of each service and the hardships until expansion. I felt the intention of subscribing to President Amanuma's words that “subscribing to contact with customers on a regular basis leads to better service provision”.

At the listed company president's seminar, frontier management that provides one-stop management support through the derivation of an overall optimal solution with support from various specialists such as management consulting, finance, financial support, etc. Mr. Masahiro Matsuoka, the representative director of the company, invited the former story of Mr. Matsuoka, a former securities analyst, including the story of frontier management to date, the economic situation in Japan from the standpoint of a startup company, and the situation of a major company. It was very interesting and attracted the whole venue.

▼ President of Frontier Management Matsuoka giving a lecture at a listed company president's seminar

The networking party after the lecture was thriving with instructors at the platform
The business card was exchanged, and the venue was closed with enthusiasm.
The next fabbitConference is
September 26 Sunday (Thursday) The theme of the fabbit Conference is IoT-Things and life connected by technology-
I will send it.
On that day, fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” is the main venue, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka,
We will connect Kobe Sannomiya / Hiroshima / Fukuoka / Kokura / Manila via LIVE.
Enjoy at the venue

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