August 27th (Tue) fabbit Conference subscription "new life given by changing billing model" will be held!

“Subscription” refers to a business model that pays money for “rights” that can be used as much as you like at a fixed amount.Spotify"And unlimited video viewing services"Netflix"Toyota announced a few months ago"KINTO"Is also a subscription model service.

There are many advantages such as continuous sales and introduction regardless of the size of the industry, industry, or company, and the number of participating companies is increasing.

In the first part, we will visit a hot topic startup that has expanded greatly in the field of subscription, the theme of this time, and delve into subscription in a panel discussion on the features of the business model and future prospects. .

The second part is Frontier Management Co., Ltd., which provides one-stop management support by deriving an overall optimal solution with support from various specialists such as management consulting, finance, and financial support, and realizing comprehensive support Invited Mr. Masahiro Matsuoka, Representative Director of the Company, will hold a monthly listed company president seminar.

On the day of the event, you can submit questions for the speakers from your smartphone using a code distributed at venues nationwide.

Follow the link below for event details:

fabbit, centered on the management of co-working space, produce a new business model through support for startups and companies' second startup, and also develop a number of unique support systems to promote business matching and technological innovation.

This conference is held as one of our whole above mentioned activity, includes a seminar by a listed company, VC, accelerator etc. ,pitch by startups, and business matcing /networking.VConce a month

It is a popular event that is filled every time as an opportunity to have direct dialogue with managers and innovators including presidents of listed companies.

A networking party will be held after the seminar.

At the networking party after the seminar, the number of participants increased with each round, and we were happy to hear that it led to an actual business.

Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Kobe Sannomiya, Hiroshima, Across Fukuoka), andCOMPASS Kokura, and overseas facility of Philippines

We look forward to seeing you at fabbit.

▲ 7 month fabbit Conference Otemachi venue

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